My gear box

I currently make use of a Macbook Pro. It is an impressive machine and the only complaint I have so far is my keyboard getting stuck regularly. It is also maxed out at 16gigs of RAM, that is not an issue until I have to run these Electron apps.

I also make use of an Apple Airpods Pro for my Music while coding needs...

I am a vim enthusiast and swear by Tmux.

I depend on Safari for surfing the internet. It is lightweight, isn't Chrome or runs on Electron plus Handoff works like a charm between my Mac and iPhone - I don't have Chrome on mobile either.

I use Notion for taking notes and everything in between. Bear used to be my preferred tool but Notion is literally everything Bear is - plus Trello, Google notes and others. It's a beast. Thinking of it again, I am like who doesn't like How to tame a dragon ?

And for the very few times I am on mobile, I use an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

... To be updated