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I write software for fun and profit. I started writing software because I was fascinated by the Call of Duty video game and the internet in general. I learnt some HTML, Javascript and it just took off from there.
Some of my major interests areas at this time are Golang, develper toolings, APIs, Distributed design and systems, Kubernetes, automated testing and web3.


In my spare time these days, I am experimenting with a studio where I build tiny micro SaaS apps that I would kill to pay for so others can pay me for them :) . The studio might be open to consulting opportunities - so do reach out :).

I most recently ran a startup ( Fluidcoins ) a cryptocurrency infrastructure startup for African businesses (SMBs, Fintech and others) which has since failed to raise VC funding to scale, operate and now ran by new management/owner. Prior to that, I shipped code at Tyk where I built amongst many things a PaaS ontop of Kubernetes ( that powers their current Cloud offering ) and wrote software used at the Nigerian IRS and postal services.