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I am a software developer based out of Lagos. Started programming because I was fascinated by Call of Duty and Facebook DMs. I learnt some HTML, Javascript and it just took off from there. I love and actively use Go, Docker, K8s, (Neo)Vim.
I do love Observability, automated testing, cycling and writing amongst many other things


In my spare time these days, I am experimenting with a 1 man studio that builds and micro SaaS. I might be open to consulting opportunities.

Most recently ran a startup ( Fluidcoins ) a cryptocurrency infrastructure startup for African businesses (SMBs, Fintech and others) which has since failed to raise VC funding to scale and now ran by new management/owner. Prior to that, I shipped code at Tyk where I built amongst many things a PaaS ontop of Kubernetes ( that powers our Cloud offering ). I also maintained our API Gateway which powers hundreds of billions of API requests every single day across our entire customer base.