Work with   me

I am currently available and more than happy to help build and launch your product and/or startup, review your code.
Although I specialize in Go, I have ~7 years of experience building web applications, APIs and RPC services. While I am a Go enthusiast, I have experience using other languages to build production systems such as NodeJS and others.

I am mostly interested in building out cloud infra, APIs, SaaS, system engineering and fintechs ( + plus crypto rails ). I would only take up consultancy roles where I am very certain I can provide value to your team.

I can help out as a traditional IC to work with you and your team to build out your product.
I can also be a makeshift CTO to take you from idea/protype to production while picking out tech stack, infra achitecture and others.
Finally, I can also help to review architecture and/or code ( can only help code review Golang projects at this time).