Lanre Adelowo, a software developer based out of Lagos, Nigeria. Part time clown, part time cyclist when I am not coding.


Currently building Fluidcoins, a cryptocurrency payment solution for Africans. I used to ship code at Tyk Technologies. where I built out a PaaS ( the new Tyk Cloud ) and contributed to the development of one of the best opensource API gateway on planet earth.
I do have a bit of projects in the open. Most notably, I am a core maintainer of Gitea.


These days my entire life revolves around Go. I also wrriten a fair bit of PHP and Ruby in the past.
I might have written an awful ton of Javascript in a previous life. Okay to be fair, I still write a lot of Javascript - mostly React and React Native. Very little Typescript sadly enough :)
I use Docker to run everything in between local development and production. If it is worth running in a Kubernetes cluster, I'd put it in one.

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