Lanre Adelowo, a software developer based out of Lagos, Nigeria. Part time clown, part time cyclist when I am not coding.


Currently building Fluidcoins, a cryptocurrency infrastructure startup for African businesses (SMBs, Fintech and others). I used to ship code at Tyk where I built out a PaaS ontop of Kubernetes ( the new Tyk Cloud ) and maintained our API Gateway which powers hundreds of billions of API requests every single day across our entire customer base. You could think of it as an Heroku but for all Tyk products. I contributed to the development of one of the best opensource API gateways on planet earth.
I do have a bit of projects in the open. Most notably, I am a core maintainer of Gitea.


These days my entire life revolves around Go. I also wrriten a fair bit of PHP and Ruby in the past.
I might have written an awful ton of Javascript in a previous life. Okay to be fair, I still write a lot of Javascript - mostly React and React Native. Very little Typescript sadly enough :)
I use Docker to run everything in between local development and production. If it is worth running in a Kubernetes cluster, I'd put it in one.

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