A rare picture of Lanre Adelowo

you know me ?

I am Lanre Adelowo, a fullstack clown - with a black nose ( we are rare, snapchat filters don't count).

I am a software developer by day, night and in my dreams. Here in Nigeria, the society thinks I am a Yahoo yahoo boy , which by the way is a terrible synonym for The nigerian prince.

This days, I code mostly in Go. In a previous life, I wrote a lot of PHP where I fell in love with SlimPHP and Laravel. I also write Ruby ( no Rails).

Prior to modern day civilization, I wrote a lot of Javascript.

I love open source and try my best to contribute as much as i can. I also try to write a lot. Here is my blog even though I actually end up writing more code than blog posts. ^__^ .

Email --> yo at lanre.wtf

Public GPG key can be found here