Elementary OS, beauty and the beast

A review of Elementary os

I recently switched to Elementary OS for my desktop computing needs and i am - to say the least - extremely stoked. Coming from GNOME, the swich was a breath of fresh air.

But i must confess it has not been a rollercoaster ride which is the exact reason this blog post even exists in the first place. In this article, i would highlight a couple number of the awesome things about the OS and the not some awesome parts. Do keep in mind that i don’t put them in a good and bad list but i have them laced all over the article.


The installation was pretty smooth, fast and painless but i think i’d have to give props to the Ubuntu guys rather than the Elementary team since it uses the same installer 0.

While the installation was frictionless, i did run into one ugly issue with my Wifi. It seemed to be disconnecting all of the time. It just wouldn’t stay connected to the network for anything longer than 30 minutes and i had to keep on restarting the wireless service via the command line. Thanks to the Elementary community on stackexchange, i was able to get this fixed.

I’d like to say i don’t think this issue is particular to Elementary in any way as i remember running into something similar on Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 15.10 (both were clean installs).

The Desktop Environment (Pantheon)

Long live the Pantheon. May mere mortals never be found in the midst of the gods

I don’t know if reloading your GUI - without a reboot - would solve this.

To be clear, this went away after i ran sudo apt get upgrade, i couldn’t upgrade immediately after the installation because of the wifi issue i had and subsequently, an issue with my ISP (after the wifi problem was solved). But word from a friend who used Loki (the latest Elementary release some time last year, 0.4) and Freya (0.3) - both for a short period of time - says it would still crash.

Well, you eventually would install a tweak tool regardless of the desktop environment. But that is just a pointer to the fact that Pantheon is different in the sense of stuffs working the way they are supposed to.

Disk usage bar

Default Applications and installation of new software

Elementary OS comes battery included albeit with a sensible battery size. The default installation comes with :

The Elementary team maintain a very much comprehensive list on their website and you’d want to take a look at that.

Nice read - Busting major myths around Elementary Os{:target:"_blank”}

How about installation of new stuffs ?

Well, that works as well and Elementary has a lot to thank Ubuntu for since it makes use of the same apt command and has access to the extremely large Ubuntu repositories.

Apparently, Elementary suffers from the same problem as Ubuntu in terms of not having the latest software releases in their repos. Coming from Fedora where you can live on the bleeding edge of things, this is actually a thumbs down for Elementary.

The Community

I cannot say if the community should actually be a major reason for choosing a Linux distro since a large chunk of linux knowledge applies to any distribution. Still, i want to believe it has a lot to play when it comes to troubleshooting.

While Elementary has a very small community, it seems yet again to benefit from the very much titanic Ubuntu community.

In conclusion, i feel Elementary - by the time it gets a 1.0 release - might be a silver bullet for the linux desktop environment. I remember my sibling whining about my Ubuntu install the other year. Same thing with Fedora (whih uses GNOME) , i don’t know what he thinks of Elementary as he haven’t seen this yet but i think it is safe to say this is something he’d like.


[0]- It looks like Ubuntu installer, so i assumed it uses Ubuntu’s installer

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