Occassionally, I build micro SaaS and things I want to see out there at my 1 man studio ( Ayinke Ventures ). I was trying to beta test a product and get launch feedback with a few friends on a product and we needed a way to accept feedback from users. I took a look at Hotjar and a few others. The pricing were off the chart. $50-$200/month for anything from 50 - 1000 feedbacks per month.

We also could not use surverying tools like Typeform because we wanted to embed on the page and not ask users a million questions :).

We needed something else, so I decided to build Fotion


Fotion is essentially a user feedback tool that uses your Notion workspace as a database to store all received feedback. It essentially takes feedback for you from your users, optionally captures their screen to help the feedback and debugging process.

As such Fotion does not store your feedback or any metadata in it's database. Here is an example of what Fotion looks like

Fotion widget


Totally free but there is a paid plan that allows you also get webhooks and slack notifications whenever there is a feedback.

Let me know what you think!